Associated Games: Accord I Associated Groups: New Orleans Accord Group (ex)

Powers: Vision of Strife, Glimpse of Fortune's Favor, Restoration of Dawn Beauty, Tread Lightly, Evasion of Shackles, Pursuer's Seven-League Leap, Might of the Terrible Brute, Bite of the Wooden Fang, Tongues, Beast's Keen Senses, Pipes, Trespasser's Spoor, Trapdoor Spider's Trick

Status: Alive

Nim Fin (Nimble Fingers, A.K.A. Patrick Flynn) was a young officer with New Orleans PD. He worked alongside Shea for a few years, and accompanied her through all her cases. They were very close, then one of their cases went south as a true, horrid tentacled monster took him away from her. This was actually a True Fae. Patrick was being abducted. For five years he was in the hedge, a tricksy animal pet for the fae that stole him. Leaning to be more nimble, more hidden, and more surprising he escaped and lived in the hedge for a while before returning to the mortal realm. 

During the events of Accord I, Nim came back to find Shea already dead, and he found little reason to maintain a living situation in New Orleans. However, he stumbled on the Truth with the New Orleans Accord Group, and fell in with them for a while. When Shea was resurrected, Nim couldn't find a way to re-attach himself to her world, and he left with other Changelings. 

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