The New Order of Justice began the problem. It used its stance on Taiwan's independence as a front to gather the loud and young people of Taiwan, only to slowly reveal to the The Truth. Unlike The Church of Ultimate Truth, The New Order of Justice was still partially a political organization, and as such had less control of its people than the church. Some who came to understand the Truth gave up on their political goals, some continued, considering in some way the independence of Taiwan to be an important piece of The Truth, while others abandoned their goals entirely.

The New Order of Justice was halted and broken apart by the Taiwan Accord, a Tremere who used her domination of her ghouls and allied vampires to tear the organization apart. In doing so, she assured that Taiwan would be afraid to engage in additional independence movements. Overall, the lax movement and trade between countries is beneficial to vampires, though it makes Taiwan overall weaker, and more financially dependent on China than ever before.

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