Theodore James Rothwell was born to a wealthy oil family, along with his older siblings, the twins Xander and Ezra. As with any storyline that involves rich parents, they died. Jimmy blamed himself for it, as he was the not really the child of his mother and father, but his mother and a demon named Memnoch, who inhabited his father when he was conceived. His brother, who had severe mental problems, had run off, and his sister gone after him, leaving little Jimmy with no family.

Like any other Lucifuge, he was plagued by demons that haunted his dreams. Taking up his middle name (and even then, making it a nick name), he changed his last name and took a loft in New York, an artist by trade. Teaming up with various others over time, and his mainstay, a vampire named Alexcia, he has maintained a rather successful life as a Hunter.

During the events of Slasher II, Jimmy raided the murder mansion of the slasher group along with two other Lucifuge members. After the deaths of the others, Jimmy was cemented into a tomb in a shed on the grounds, and repeatedly abused and tortured by Trish.

Currently, Jimmy is now free and continues the hunt, though ever wary of being captured again.

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