The Foundation of Reciprocating Knowledge began the problem. Following the early 2000's environmentalist issues dealing with the whaling in Norway, and gaining steam on the order to cull the grey wolf population, the Foundation of Reciprocating Knowledge, or FoRK, stood as a people's organization for environmental education and preservation. They were founding on the core principles that what people know and learn can be given to the land, and then received back two-fold. Being caretakers of the land would without a doubt result in a better people.

FoRK met great resistance from the Accord backed trade union, the Tremere there using his considerable influence to push against them. Unfortunately, it only deepened the divisions between people on the issues, and ended up making the trade and business unions look harsh and environmentally irresponsible. FoRK, both its front as an environmentalist organization, and its underling spread of The Truth was not stopped. It has spread across Norway and into surrounding areas.

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