The Brotherhood of Enlightenment began the problem. During Ghana's gold rush in late 2012, many Chinese flocked to the country. Due to illegal gold mining, racial tensions were reaching a high between the native Ghanaians and the Chinese-Ghanaians, and a group named The Brotherhood of Enlightenment was forged to break these tensions. Many questioned the real goals of the group, as political upheaval has been rife in the short 59 years of Ghana's free history. However, time and time again, the group avoided protests, even when 100 Chinese were detained over the issue of illegal gold mining, and a Chinese boy was killed.

The first even to occur, the Brotherhood of Enlightenment foresaw the coming of The Truth to Sub-Saharan Africa, and welcomed it in with open arms. Unlike the more violent act in Louisiana, The Truth's existence in Africa is more subtle, but the network has spread wide. This has prompted a closer network between the Mali, Niger, Guinea, Sierra Leona, Liberia, Cote d'lvoire, Ghana, Burkina, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria Accords. This grants them the gifts of a freak slasher, a powerful combat oriented demon, the gifts of a ceremonial magician witch, a plague spirit, riding on the Ebola crisis, the ghost of a forester, an Obrimos (force) mage, a transplanted member of VASCU, a well connected mortal, a Thyrsus life mage, a spirit of slavery, and a hedge witch, respectively.

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